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September 2, 2011


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Papaji was among the most effective Advaita teachers of the twentieth century and is often credited with the spread of Advaita in the west.
Although Poonjaji denied being part of any formal tradition, he is considered by many to be a yogi-saint of the Advaita Vedanta and Bhakti Traditions. Papaji has directly shown to thousands that the Truth is the most magnificent Mystery undifferentiated from our very Self. He guides one to surrender to the wisdom of our Being and that we are the Truth. thousands of ways to stop your mind, to help you inquire into who you really are, to turn your awareness directly toward awareness he proves to be a Master of each and every tradition.


The Silence that I speak about is neither meditating nor sitting quiet. The Silence that I speak about has nothing to do with meditation or talking or not talking because then the mind is still running about here and there and everywhere. What I mean by Silence is that should be no thought rising from the mind. No thought rising from your mind is Silence.


When a desire arises in the mind, there arises with it an intention to enjoy sense objects. When this happens you are involved in their enjoyment. The mind works through the senses; the senses move out to objects that they can enjoy. All these things manifest once desire and intention arise. Your intention makes the mind the agent for the various enjoyments it indulges in. In the middle of all this is the ego, the enjoyer of all the objects that are being pursued and enjoyed. If the ego remains still, mind itself does not arise. It does not cause any trouble. It will not abide anywhere, and with no place to abide, it will return to its source, to the place of no-mind. In that place there will be no mind.


After all his attempts had failed of seeing God, he returned to his family in Lyallpur. A sadhu appeared at the door soon after that, and Poonjaji invited him in and asked him the question he had asked swamis throughout the country: “Can you show me God? If not, do you know of anyone who can?” To his surprise, the sadhu told him that there was a person,Ramana Maharshi, who could show him God. Further, the sadhu provided detailed instructions on how to find this Ramana Maharshi at Tiruvannamali in southern India. At the soonest opportunity, Poonjaji traveled to Tiruvannamalai to meet the sage Ramana Maharshi at Sri Ramana Ashram. It was 1944, and Poonjaji was thirty-one years old. However upon meeting Ramana, rather than being given another vision of God Ramana pointed him in the direction of his own Self. He pointed out that gods who appear and then disappear are not continuous, only the One who was aware of those gods was continuous. He encouraged Poonjaji to find the One who had seen the visions of God because that One (Consciousness) does not come and go. He told Poonjaji to find out who the seer is. Poonjaji had a deeply profound experience when he heard this, and under Ramana’s gaze he became aware of the spiritual Heart, which he felt open and bloom.


“Realized the Truth when he was 8 years old. This Realization infinitely blossomed in his early 30’s when he met his Guru, Ramana.” Just sitting and being and self-enquiry, is the teaching. Articulate master with “thousands of ways to stop your mind, to help you inquire into who you really are, etc.” Inspires instant enlightenments, many since recanted.


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