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August 23, 2011

Ramakrishna Paramhansa

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amakrishna was one of the most famous and beloved spiritual teachers of the nineteenth century. He taught devotion, studied many religions, and said god-realization was possible through all of them.
Various supernatural incidents are recounted in connection with Ramakrishna’s birth. He had a natural gift for the fine arts like drawing and clay modeling. Ramakrishna, indeed, demonstrated creative genius in bridging all religions by practicing each of them. He may very well be the first, if not the only, person to practice the major religions of the world to come to the conclusion that they lead to the same God. Ramakrishna and his movement played a leading role in the modern revival of Hinduism in India, and on modern Indian history. He represents the very core of the spiritual realizations of the seers and sages of India. His religious school of thought led to the formation of the Ramakrishna Mission by his prominent disciple Swami Vivekananda.


God can be realized through all paths. All religions are true. The important thing is to reach the roof. You can reach it by stone stairs or by wooden stairs or by bamboo steps or by a rope. You can also climb up by a bamboo pole.


Many need a guru. But a man must have faith in the guru’s words. He succeeds in spiritual life by looking on his guru as God Himself. Therefore the Vaishnavas speak of Guru, Krishna, and Vaishnava. One should constantly repeat the name of God. The name of God is highly effective in the Kaliyuga. The practice of yoga is not possible in this age, for the life of a man depends on food. Clap your hands while repeating God’s name, and the birds of your sin will fly away. One should always seek the company of holy men. The nearer you approach the Ganges, the cooler the breeze will feel. Again, the nearer you go to a fire, the hotter the air will feel.


Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa taught through simple stories. One such story was about a clever villager. One of the common trades in the Indian villages in those days was dyeing. One takes a white cloth to a dyer and has it dyed in the desired color by having the cloth dipped in the mixture of the respective vat.
One day a dyer who traveled from place to place set foot in the village. However this dyer sought to a strange way of dyeing. He just had one vat but produced multiple colors according to the preference of the villagers. It was supposed to be a magical tub in which he soaked the cloths. People were amazed with the same tub producing different color cloths. One clever villager approached the dyer with his piece of cloth and asked him to color the cloth according to the color of the dye in his tub! Ramakrishna Paramahamsa using the above story said that God gives everyone different things according to their preference. However if one would want to know Him, one would have to be intelligent like the clever villager.


Unalloyed love of God is the essential thing. All else is unreal.” Quirky devotion – “mystical homoeroticism” picture painted by controversial book, Kali’s Child – tamed by naked sadhu nondualist Totapuri, who stayed to learn from him. Also Sri Sarada Devi, “The Holy Mother,” 1853-1920. “Lived with Sri Ramakrishna as his spiritual companion, devoted wife, disciple, and always the nun. She was the embodiment of purity. Her mind was never sullied by the faintest breath of worldliness.” And Swami Vivekananda, the articulate, energetic and peripatetic chief disciple who brought and explained him to the world (or butchered his pure heart and created a head-oriented system, depending on your pov).


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