Review of Sri Kalki Bhagavan by Sarlo:

Indian, with wife Sri Amma Padmavati (b1954) created school to prepare children as “Dasas” for awakening others, int’l co-ord Sri Raniji, recently enlisted Ron Roth for US operation. Said to have enlightened many capable of passing that on (goal = 64,000, critical mass for world awakening). Earlier presentation lacked usual trappings of devotional approach, now WHOA!!: site & org legerdemain, shifting URLs and ENORMOUS MONEY. Freddy Nielsen (Living in Joy) WAS a big mover and shaker, now alienated, though negative references to Kalki and Amma now removed. World transformation in high gear, or ??? Anti site a GR page compiling links to other sites as none are definitive but this appears more and more to be a massive MLM scheme.

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Sri Kalki Bhagavan, 4.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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