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Ratings and Reviews of Spiritual Gurus like Ramana, Tolle, Katie


Eckhart Tolle

Reports on Eckhart Tolle by Scott Meredith

Eckhart Tolle Session Mar 29, 2003 I turned up an hour early for Eckhart Tolle’s scheduled appearance at a New Age church facility in Los Angeles (Culver City). My ticket was general seating, so I figured I’d arrive...
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Reports on Gangaji by Scott Meredith

Gangaji Session Jan 26, 2003 I went and visited Gangaji’s satsang session yesterday, to check on her vibes. Very nice venue, Mill Valley (Marin County CA), a scenically situated Recreation Center with a spacious and graci...
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Byron Katie

Reports on Byron Katie by Scott Meredith

Byron Katie Session Jan 25, 2003 On Saturday, January 25th I attended what I’d call “Satsang-By-Any-Other-Name” with Byron Katie. It was held at a posh downtown San Francisco, sponsored by The Learning Annex. ...
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John Sherman

John Sherman Satsang Reports, by Stuart Resnick

John Sherman, May 5, 2007 I went to John Sherman’s satsang on Sunday. See . Sherman initially got turned on by Gangaji and Buddhism while doing 18 years in Fed prison for politically- motivated ...
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Tony Parsons Satsang Reports, by Mark O’Shea

Tony Parsons, Feb 9, 2006, Munich I attended an evening with Tony Parsons on Friday, 09 February, 2006 in Munich, Germany. Can not say that I was impressed or depressed or unimpressed. What I can say is that the whole notion of...
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